Grace Under Pressure; 
Learning The Kayak Roll

Now on DVD!


CO Produced by:
Kathy Bolyn Medford
Tom DeCuir
Joe Holt

Shot & Directed by:
Joe Holt

Written by:
Kathy Bolyn Medford
Tom DeCuir
Joe Holt


Immediately after its first release in the Fall of 1992, Grace Under Pressure has been heralded as one of the finest videos to ever address the subject of learning and teaching the kayak roll. Today, it is safe to say that thousands of people have learned to roll with the help of this video. The success stories aren’t limited to just whitewater kayakers though. In fact, many sea kayakers have utilized this tape in learning to roll their touring boats.

Now Grace Under Pressure is available on DVD! The re-mastered DVD version contains the full-length classic rolling video with the convenience of DVD chapters. DVD chapters make it easy and convenient to instantly play the exact instructional scene on demand. This makes Grace Under Pressure on DVD an even more useful teaching aid. You can see a complete chapter list below.

Also included in only the DVD version is a Director's update, featuring roll technique for modern planing hull kayaks. In the Director's update, Joe Holt, director and co-producer of Grace Under Pressure, presents modifications to the C to C roll technique for wider planing hull kayaks. He then presents an in depth look at the Sweep Roll. As a bonus, the DVD version contains fun and entertaining bloopers and scenes from the original production that have never before been seen. A sweep roll loop has been added alongside the original C to C roll loop. These roll loops are very valuable for instructors and students alike. Instructors can provide their own instructional commentary while the looping video images provide the visual demonstrations for their students. Students can use the roll loops for visualizing their rolls.


Grace Under Pressure DVD Chapters

Ch1 Intro
Ch2 Rolling Myths
Ch3 Conditions for learning
Ch4 Wet Exit
Ch5 Rolling Basics
Ch6 Onside Paddle Roll
Ch7 Set Up
Ch8 Sweep
Ch9 Arch
Ch10 Snap
Ch11 Finish Position

Ch12 Roll Review
Ch13 Offside Roll
Ch14 Practice Drills
Ch15 Smart Bracing
Ch16 Hand Roll
Ch17 Drills for Hand Roll
Ch18 Whitewater Roll
Ch19 Troubleshooting
Ch20 Visualize the Roll
Ch21 Credits
Ch22 Roll Loop

Bonus Features

Director's update

C to C update

Sweep Roll


Even though Grace Under Pressure has only been released in English, it is very popular in Japan and other foreign countries because of it's strong visual instruction style. Points are made very clear by the use of Slow Motion photography and Monday Night Football style of  drawing diagrams on the screen. After the credits, there is an added bonus of a 5 minute continuous roll loop featuring different views both above and below the water in slow motion of the paddle and hand rolls .

If you are a novice learning the roll for the first time or an instructor wanting the best teaching tools for your students, you should get Grace Under Pressure. It will make a difference in your learning curve or your students' learning curves.